Our Special Ring Collection

Our Special Ring Collection

Trying to figure out what type of gift to get your loved ones? Missing out on that final accessory piece to complete your style? A great simple accessory you can get is a ring. And where better to look than with our special ring collection?

There are so many wonderful styles to choose from, and they are such an easy addition to any outfit for any event. Sometimes you want to get a ring that’s a little bit more unique than just a circular band. That’s what we always try to offer at United Bracelets.

A special ring collection for everyone’s birthday

One of our best options to get for someone’s birthday is one of our zodiac constellation rings. These are a great option that can be customised with the birthday person’s specific zodiac sign. This makes it a unique option for their special day. Whether it’s for a free-flowing Aquarius or a passionate Scorpio, they’ll be sure to love its character.

It comes in our four standard colouring options. Either Sterling Silver, 18ct gold plating, or rose gold plating. This gives you options for the best colour choice. In addition, you can add a personalised engraving to commemorate that day. You may want to consider getting one for yourself with your favourite metal colour choice for your birthday too!

For those expecting

We don’t just stop there with the constellations for a birthday. We also offer these beautifully designed birth flower rings as well for a newborn coming along the way for the mother to wear. The mother can wear it and eventually hand it down to their loved one when they’re ready to wear it.

It’s a great pairing to give two gifts for their birthday as well, and in two different metal options, to give them a bit of variety, while still holding the significance of their birthday.

Remember a special moment with our special ring collection

Maybe you’re looking for something that can help commemorate a special moment, the beginning of the New Year, graduation, or remembering some other joyous moment. You should consider our stackable rings for this.

They come in the three metal options mentioned above, but what makes them great is that you can stack up to five rings with separate inscriptions on each one. You can wear them yourself, gift them to someone else, or gift each ring to a different person. Technically, it’s limitless on how many to stack, as you can simply reorder with new inscriptions.

Make sure to get the right fit

As with all the options we offer for either the holiday season or the next event on the horizon, we have a gift for every occasion.

Before you purchase, you may want to look at our size guide. There’s nothing worse than putting in all that effort to either get a gift, or get yourself that amazing personal ring, inscribed to capture a moment, and then eventually realising that the ring size was either too big or too small.

Having a look at our guide removes that cloud of doubt and makes sure you can order the right size from us every time.