Necklace Size Guide

Necklace Size Guide

To estimate your size, locate a piece of string and cut it to the desired length.

Measure the string and select the closest chain length.

Remember, the final length may be slightly longer as the chain length on our website does not include the pendant.

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Bracelet Size Guide

Bracelet Size Guide

To determine your bracelet size, follow these simple steps:

1. Measure your wrist: Use a tape measure or strip of paper to wrap around your wrist where you would normally wear the bracelet.

2. Record your wrist size: If using a strip of paper, ribbon, or cord, mark the end and measure the length against a ruler. This is your wrist size.

3. Allow for comfort: We suggest adding an extra 2 cm / 0.79" to your wrist circumference measurement for a comfortable fit. You should be able to fit two fingers between the bracelet and your wrist. Adjust the size according to your preference, whether you want a snug, comfortable, or loose fit.

4. Keep in mind: The final bracelet length may be slightly longer as our chain length on the website does not include the pendant.

For a custom-sized bracelet, please contact us.

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Ring Size Guide

Our rings are made according to US sizing standards. To ensure a perfect fit, we recommend getting your finger(s) measured.

However, if you prefer to measure yourself, follow these easy steps:

1. Wrap a string around your finger or place it across the diameter of an existing ring for reference.

2. Ensure the string is tight to obtain accurate measurements.

3. Mark where the ends of the string meet and measure the length in millimetres (for circumference) or diameter (for inner diameter).

4. Download our pdf chart to determine your size based on the measured circumference or inner diameter.

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